Pastor Tommy Tsuchihashi

Denny Pyles , Lead Pastor

Denny web editMonroeville Community Church


  • Master’s in Religious Education from Southern Seminary in Louisville, KY
  • B.A. in Sociology from Eastern Illinois University
  • Associates Degree in Science from Lakeland College in Illinois

Getting to know Pastor Denny

  • I live with… My wife Nancy
  • My favorite Bible hero is… Benaiah (2 Samuel 23:30), because he was a ‘lion chaser!’
  • My life verse is… Romans 12:1-2 (Actually ALL of Romans 12!)
  • One word that would describe me is… energetic or relational (it’s a tie!)
  • My favorite thing about MCC is… it’s willingness to try new things.
  • When I grew up I wanted to be… a teacher
  • Night owl or early bird? Night owl
  • My favorite teams are… Pittsburgh Steelers and Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Tea or Coffee? Coffee
  • My spare time is spent… with my family and close friends, working out, working in my yard, and traveling to Drum Corps International shows in the summer.

Tommy Tsuchihashi, Pastor

Pittsburgh International Japanese Church

 Tommy TsuchihashiEducation…

  • Master of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in TX.
  • B.S in Information Science from Kyoto University in Japan.

 Getting to know Tommy

  • I live with…Michiyo (my beautiful wife) and Kayo (my lovely daughter).  
  • My Favorite Bible Hero…… is Paul because he threw away his status and honor and followed Jesus.
  • My life verse is…John 10:11 (The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep) because I was called to be a pastor through this verse.
  • When I grew up I wanted to be…a detective because I was a fan of the TV series of Columbo by Peter Falk.
  • My spare time is spent…… to play with Lemon (my cute cat).
  • My favorite team is…Dallas Cowboys, because we used to live in Texas.
  • Tea or Coffee?? I love coffee and have it every day before driving.
  • I was born in…. Wakayama, 40 miles south from Osaka (the second largest city of Japan).
  • I moved to Pittsburgh… lead more Japanese living in Pittsburgh to salvation, and to send them back to Japan as matured Christians.
  • The best way to contact me is… to come to the Sunday service.
  • My hobbies are… to play tennis and to watch baseball.
  • My favorite thing I like about America is….her spirit of independence and her mind of hospitality.
  • I miss most from Japan…….are my son Kazuki (he is a college student in Japan)and Ramen noodle.